Sand Animation at Its Best

Sand Animation Cant Get Any Better

An Amazing ONE YEAR for a 3 minute video.. When I was asked to make the song Ujwala, I did not know about the effort that was going be to put on it’s video.

By Mannu Rv

Last Year, I got a call  from Ravi ji, (Ravi Pandey) asking me to Create a  song for the Ministry of Petroleum, He pointed out that the song has been attempted earlier, and its not going to be easy. I some how had the vision of an urban India and some folk elements in mind. And then came the Awesome lyrics from Adheesh (Adhesh Verma) and it all fell in to place like magic.. 

After a few Scratch recordings, I had a formal approval from the Ministry to get it recorded. We Recorded the song with Neeti Mohan, who with her mesmerising voice put soul in to the song with ease and elegance.


“I took a month to finish the song but never knew about the effort that went in to it later, the production of the music video “

After a few months, I was wondering what had happened  to the song. I called up  Ravi ji and he said it was in the making and is taking time. 

It took a long time after that , that I came to know they were working on sand animation and building the Video- one frame at a time. Sand animation is very difficult and involves immense amount of patience. Counting the frames involved in a 3 and a half minute Video come so 5250 images made by hand with sand.. Awesome.


I appreciate the efforts and dedication that went in to making this work of art. It compliments the song in every way possible a  song can be complimented with another medium of art. 

A true work of art which speaks far above the idea its intended to project. 

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