Sing Over Tea
Fun Riyaz and Learning

Sing Over Tea is a Teaching Session for wannabe singers and Children . This will be held in Mumbai The course will be for one month

 All Are welcome to join us for tea.

if you are not a tea person then we can get you a coffee or even a glass of milk ūüôā

Sing Over Tea

Singing Comes to us all Naturally. All thats to be done is to polish it till it shines bright and brilliant.

With my  with singers both Live and in the Studios, I have developed methods which would  perfect the skills of an amateur singer to bounce him in to the professional world of singing in a comparatively short time . And most importantly a real singer should know how to express, letting emotions paint  poetry and melody.

The methods used are a ¬†mixture of Carnatic, Hindustani and western classical Vocal training exercises.¬†Areas Covered are ‚Äď

1. Swar (correct Pitching),

2. Breathing,

3. Increasing Voice Range &

4. Taal(Rhythm).

5. Expression 



 Enrol Now for Jan -Feb is INR6000  (GuestINR500)


 My Sitar РSeason 1

Sitar Lessons starting with the very basics. Very easy to understand and Follow

My Sitar Course Contents

My sitar consists of chapters, sub chapters and practice lessons. The lessons will guide the student from the very first step of ¬†‚ÄúHow To Sit‚ÄĚ while playing the sitar, through hand positions and a practice section with detailed western notes. Season one is designed for anyone who is interested in learning the instrument, even with no prior knowledge. It will enable the student to play mostly any music on the sitar as well as play in unison with other musicians. We will be coming out with season two which will be an introduction to Indian Raagas or Scales. Hope you enjoy the content we have created and feel free to write to us of any concerns.

 Live Class room

 Cartoon & Animation Dubbing Voice over  workshop

A  workshop on Cartoon Voice dubbing will be held every month to teach interested students, how animation voice over is done. This will be headed by Parul Bhatnagar who has been a popular name in the Animation industry for a decade now. Admissions open 

The Animation Dubbing Course 

All you would need to sharpen yours skills to enter the world of dubbing. This  course will be conducted by Parul Bhatnagar who’s voice every child and parent hears everyday.

She has been dubbing for Shizuka in Doraemon, Kazama, Himavari, Yoshinaga and many others in the cartoon series Shinchan for the past 12 years                                                          (can you beat that experience !).

Parul has dubbed thousands of hours of animation in her career.

The Animation dubbing Course contain chapters with

Live Class Demos

practice lessons, 

Sample Scripts,

Mic Positions,

Breathing.. Etc

Pre-register Discount offer INR 8000 (10000)


SARGAM (Singing module) 

This  is a downloadable singing module with tutorial videos and other material for outstation students and those who cant attend the regular class. 

SARGAM ‚Äď The¬†ultimate Singing¬†Module ¬†

 Don’t worry if you cant attend the live classes this time here is all you ever need to know about singing, that too one package.

This Downloadable Voice Module for singers has a variety of voice training exercises, equivalent to 8 Classes.  They are a combination of Indian classical(Hindustani), Carnatic classical and western classical training methods.

The course will  cover :

1. Swar (correct Pitching), 

2. Breathing,

3. Increasing Voice Range &

4. Taal(Rhythm).

5. Expression 

The Package Contains

1. Tutorial videos, Hindustani classical of riyas using Sargam.

2. Tutorial Videos Carnatak styles of riyas using Sargam.

3. Tutorial Videos, Western Classical Voice exercises using vowels 

4. Breathing Excercise

5. practice Audio files.

6. Detailed Pdf Documents Western Classical.

7. Detailed Pdf Documents Hindustani Classical.

8. Detailed Pdf Documents Carnatak Classical.

Pre-register Discount  INR 1500(2500)


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