Voice Test for Singers 

Voice test analyse Your Voice and Tell you where you stand and what to improve .

This analysis is a process where a few of your voice samples are processed with respect to the industry standards by professionals.

These results will let you know which areas you have to work on. 

The areas analysed are

1.Pitch 2.Rhythm 3.Texture, 4. Punctuation Pronunciation and 5.Clarity.

The voice Analysis is Done by Professionals of the industry and hence is chargeable at INR 120 per analysis.


Test Your Voice Now

1. Record a sample song in your voice and e-mail it to [email protected]

2. Then buy the voice test product from the cart shop

3.we will send you the Results with in in 48 Hours


Important Note:

Sample should be clean without much background noise. 

Song Samples should have music drone(tanpura/harmonium/keyboard strings etc).